Hiring Multiple Wedding Cars

Although we are always happy to complete extra trips for Bridesmaids or other members of the wedding party whenever we can. Sometimes distances between venues determine that one car is just not enough. No need to worry. Should you require two or more cars, we have plenty to choose from and we offer sound advice on choosing the best pair to suit your occasion.

Our most popular pairing by far, is our Beauford Tourer with either our Daimler 7 seat limousine or our Austin Princess. These pairings provide a total passenger capacity of up to 11 people. Other popular pairings are the Beauford with the Brenchley Regent. This pairing would offer a total capacity of eleven people plus the drivers.

Please view the gallery to see examples of just how well all of our cars work together, bringing more than a touch of class to any wedding.

Please contact us to check the availability of your pairing choice and to get a comprehensive quote.

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